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I had always considered myself as a man with reasonable intelligence, until that day, the day I realised that whatever I believed, I knew, I saw were mere illusions and even my feeling of 'I' was just an illusion. It thus happened: I decided to see the film Sea That Thinks, which created a stir in the International film festival circuits, at a local theatre. As usual I entered the hall casually; once again saw the familiar seats, familiar screen and the familiar stains on the screen, all just normal as ever.

As usual, the lights went off and the images started appearing on the screen. But immediately I felt that something unusual was happening. I felt as if somebody was punching on my face each second, when images started flowing scene by scene.

"...once upon a time there was a sea. Sea lived in a happy and natural state of wetness and waves. One morning, out of the blue, sea thought she was a tree. This idea lasted for ever. Sea was no longer happy".

After a brief period of confusion, created by the magic of illusionary images, I felt my lost intelligence is bouncing back, but not knowing that this triumphant feeling I had was very short lived or even mere illusion.

The happenings on the screen which I could understand, while my intelligence made a brief and partial come back is as follows:

Bart is writing a script for a film. He introduces himself as the main character, who plays himself. He types what he does, and does what he types!! The entire script he types on the computer, deals with the illusionary nature of life, images and so on. According to him life is a circus of illusion, which we create ourselves and believe firmly that we can't see that they are mere illusions.

He shoots at us the most difficult question, man had again and again tried to answer and failed since centuries, "What are you?" "Who am I?" We too stand bewildered in front of these questions asked by our intellectual gymnasts centuries ago and the post modern magicians like Gert De Graff (the director) now. Then follows a series of brilliantly shot images to establish the illusionary nature of life. The television inside television inside television... scenes are so powerful that each time we come to a conclusion that an image is real, it turns out just to be an illusionary one there by proving our intellectual inability to judge reality. But what is real? Bart says that there is noting such as real, all are mere ideas we have about them, just illusions. When we judge a shape as triangular, with just a tilt of the camera we come to know that we are fooled and the shape turns out to be something else.

Whenever my commonsense peeped into me I used to feel that at least Bart and his room would be real. But that belief too gets shattered when his cat walks over his household articles, just illusionary, otherwise I had thought to be real. Thank God! The film is ending, the titles start scrolling on the screen. Wonder! Wonder!! The cat walking over the scrolling titles prove that too is mere an illusion. With that final blow, I fell flat.

"...what should the tree do to become sea again. 'Nothing of course', I answered. 'You have to let go of the illusion that you are a tree'".

What should I do to get rid of such illusionary movies? I am forced again and again to see and experience films of masters like Bergman and Tarkovsky. The illusionary effect of contemporary films like Sea That Thinks focusing merely on visual and intellectual gymnastics, remain short lived, just till we recover from the effect of the punches we received on our faces while seeing them.

Someone had said that an apple can never go upwards when it is shed from a tree, even if it desires so. A man called Newton had postulated such a strong theory that ended even the dreams of apples to fall upwards. Cinema of today too is seen fallen into such traps. Theories that overflow from think tanks of intellectual schools have completely robbed off the spontaneity and trueness of this art form and have degraded to be mere intellectual and technical somersaults.

Let us wait for this illusionary cloud to pass and the bright light of real cinema to fall on us once again.

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