Sudhir Mishra


Main Zinda Hoon - 1989 - Hindi

The film narrates the story of an orphan girl Beena who migrates to Bombay, only to find her idle husband deserting her. She becomes the breadwinner of her in-law's family. When she falls in love with a man, members of her family change their attitude as they grow selfish and feel that they would be loosing their sustenance. But when her missing husband returns, they don't sympathise with Beena any longer, treating her as a whore. This leads to her losing her mental balance and being admitted to an institution.

Direction & Screenplay: Sudhir Mishra
Cast: Deepti Naval, Kulbushan Kharbanda, Pankaj Kapur, Aloknath
Cinematography: Rajesh Joshi
Music Sharang Dev

Dharavi - 1991 - Hindi

Dharavi, in Bombay, is the largest slum in Asia. In sub-human living conditions, each man is for himself, aspiring to make it for himself. Bollywood supplies fantasies to them.

Rajkaran Yadav, an émigré taxi driver lives in Dharavi slum. His wife Kusum, living in a one-room tenement with his mother, works to contribute to her husband's ambitious dream of owning a factory. However, the business enterprise is a disaster as the taxi driver gets embroiled with gangsters, forcing his wife to return to her first husband. The ending shows Yadav as boundlessly optimistic as he was at the outset.

Direction & Screenplay: Sudhir Mishra
Cast: Om Puri, Shabana Azmi, Raghuvir Yadav, Madhuri Dixit
Cinematography: Rajesh Joshi
Music: Rajat Dholakia

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