Subhadro Chowdhury

An English Honours graduate, Subhadro Chowdhury joined the FTII, Pune as a direction student. In 1994 he made his final year diploma film, Still Life, which won the National Award for the best Short Fiction Film in 1995. Since then Chowdhury has directed several television fiction shows and non-fiction episodes for Doordarshan and private channels. Prohor is Chowdhury's first feature film.


Prohor - 2002 - Bengali
(In the Course of Time)

Nandita, a nurse, lives in a suburban locality with her mother and sister. She is haunted by the memory of a turbulent occurrence six years ago resulting in the death of her father. She holds herself responsible for this incident.

Nandita leaves for the city hospital where she works in the emergency ward. The patient on bed number 10 is a bomb blast victim, a criminal under police protection. As she sees the patient, memories of the terrible incident of her life rush back to her.

Nandita dislodges the oxygen mask from the patient's face. But as he starts gasping, she replaces it. Later, when he is in need of blood, Nandita donates him blood and saves his life.

On the way out of the hospital, Nandita thinks aloud, "I want the patient to regain consciousness and realize that my blood has saved him. Only then will he understand how I have punished him and taken my revenge."

Direction: Subhadro Chowdhury
Screenplay: Shekhar Das
Cast: Debashree Roy, Barun Chandra, Alakananda Roy, Rajatabh Dutta
Cinematography: Amlan Datta
Music: Chiradeep Dasgupta

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