Journalist turned filmmaker, R Sarath started his film career as a documentary filmmaker. During the filming of The Painted Epics, he discovered some rare mural paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, which were not exposed to the public yet. These findings have been a landmark in the history of Ravi Varma paintings.

His debut feature film, Sayahnam, won him several awards including the Indira Gandhi National Award for the year 2000. His second film, Stithi, too has won him state awards.

R Sarath presently works in the Department of Culture, Government of Kerala.


Sayahnam - 2000 - Malayalam

K K Madhavan (KK), a socialist and ex-Chief Minister is still an influential power even after his retirement from active politics. His writings are still considered as authentic party documents. While his son is a Nuclear Scientist and is part of the nuclear program of India, KK has a very clear opinion against India going the nuclear way. He writes an article condemning the Nation's nuclear tests. By writing this article, KK creates a difficult situation for his party, which depends on so-called populist ideologies towards its growth to a National level party. The party Secretary visits him with a demand to publicly revert his position on the nuclear tests. Here, KK has to face a war between his personal ideology and the people-pleasing ideology of his party.

Direction & Screenplay: R.Sarath
Cast: O.Madhavan
Cinematography: M.G.Radhakrishnan
Music: M.Jayachandran

Stithi - 2002 - Malayalam
(The Being)

Stithi looks into the crisis faced by middle-class families, who are unable to cope with the fast changing world. The New World order has created a new threat to Indian middle-class families with instability in jobs and the economy leading to their marginalisation from the society. Stithi focuses on the lives of a middle-class family consisting of a husband, wife and two children who are alienated in this 'global world'.

Direction & Screenplay: R.Sarath
Cast: Nandini Goswal, Unni Menon
Cinematography: M.G.Radhakrishnan
Music: M.Jayachandran

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