Satish Menon

Satish Menon, an independent filmmaker based in Chicago, graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and, until recently, worked as a field consultant. He has written, produced and directed four shorts fiction films and one documentary, and is one of the founders / managing partners of Visual Possibility Inc. Bhavam is his first full length feature. It has won three awards presented by the Kerala Film Critics, including one for Best Debut Director, as well as the Aravindan Puraskaram award for Best Debut Director for 2002.


Bhavam - 2002 - Malayalam
(Emotions of Being)

Joy is a journalist. He lives with his wife Lata, a college lecturer along with his aunt and her middle-aged bachelor son Matthew, amidst the tranquil surroundings of a coastal village.

Joy is very passionate towards Lata and his priority is her happiness. In this setup enters Lata's elder sister Subhadra, who has lost both her husband and her home in a seemingly accidental fire.

As the couple moves into a new house, Lata invites Subhadra to stay with them during Lata's pregnancy.

Joy, who is easily swayed by a culture of wants and desires, develops a carnal desire for Subhadra. The resulting intellectual and emotional divide between the couple precipitates into a gradual disintegration of the marriage and inevitably results in degradation and chaos.

Direction & Screenplay: Satish Menon
Cast: Mita Vasisht, Murali Menon, Jyothirmayee, Siddique
Cinematography: Sunny Joseph
Editing: B Ajith Kumar
Music: Issac Thomas Kottukapally

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