M S Sathyu

Born in Mysore, Karnataka, M S Sathyu moved to Mumbai during the '50s and directed several plays there. He associated with the IPTA, Balraj Sahni's Juhu Art Theatre and various other offshoots like Left Organisation Bombay Youth. He joined films assisting Chetan Anand and made documentaries. His best known work, Garam Hava, is one of the last titles of the '50s Marxist cultural activists including Balraj Sahani and Kaifi Azmi.

M S Sathyu currently is associated mainly with television and stage.

Notable Films:

Garam Hava - 1973 - Hindi
(Hot Wind)

Garam Hava chronicles the plight of Muslims in North India during the Indian Partition. Set in Agra, the film tells the story of a Muslim family headed by an elderly shoe manufacturer, Salim Mirza. The family is facing a crucial choice to make, whether to continue the ancestral business and stay on in India or to migrate to the newly-formed state of Pakistan. Salim's brother Halim and his family migrate to Pakistan. Halim's son Kazim tries to return to India illegally across the border to marry Salim's daughter and gets arrested.

As the refugees from Pakistan start competing with Salim's business, the smoneylenders refuse to invest in his business, as he might emigrate to Pakistan. Amina, Salim's daughter commits suicide after yet another lover leaves her to go to Pakistan. Finally, Salim decides to leave the country. On the way to the station, the family come across a communist rally proclaiming the unity of all the dispossessed, regardless of religion or caste. Salim's son, Sikandar abandons his emigration plan and joins the rally.

Direction: M S Sathyu
Screenplay: Kaifi Azmi, Shama Zaidi
Cast: Balraj Sahni, Dinanath Zutshi, Badar Begum, Geeta Siddharth, Shaukat Kaifi, Farouque Shaikh
Cinematography: Ishan Arya
Music: Bahadur Khan


  • Garam Hava (1973)
  • Kanneshwara Rama (1977)
  • Chithegu Chithe (1978)
  • Bara (1980)
  • Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaye (1986)
  • Galige (1995)

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