Sashi Kumar

Sashi Kumar has been a print and television journalist and a leading television news anchor and commentator in India. He has scripted and directed many docu-features on regional and international themes. He has written in depth and critically on films and the media. He pioneered the first independent satellite TV venture in India in a regional language. He has set up the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, a premier institute for journalism education in the South Asian region. Kaya Taran is his fist feature film.


Kaya Taran - 2004 - Hindi

Kaya Taran has used the national ghosts of the 1984 massacre of Sikhs to reflect on the Gujarat riots of 2002. The film is an adaptation of a Malayalam short story by N S Madhavan 'When Big Trees Fall'.

Shuffling between the past and the present the film traces the lives of Preet and head nun of a Meerut convent. Preet is a Delhi reporter who is working on a story about religious conversions. The director uses memory as a tool to weave together a tale with dialogues between communities while the angry flames of hate burn everything in its way. He breaks cinematic traditions of continuity while also making a vital comment on secular belief in India and the relationship between communities.

Direction & Screenplay: Sashi Kumar
Cast: Angad Bedi, Seema Biswas
Cinematography: A B Kaul
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Music: Issac Thomas Kottukapally

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