Santwana Bardoloi


Adajya - 1996 - Assameese
(The Flight)

The story is set in the 1940s, in a part of Assam. Three Brahmin widows belong to the family of the head of a Sattra (sacrificial ritual) of the Damodardev sect. Durga, the younger sister of the Satradhikar, was brought back to the house by her nephew. She accepts all the hardships of a widow and hopes that some day she will be able to go to Kashi to perform the last rites of her dead husband. She is prepared to even sell her jewellery for this purpose. The widow of the younger brother of the Satradhikar is trying to take care of her land and tenants through a trusted servant. Misfortune strikes Durga, and she loses faith in human beings. But the third one, Giribala, the young daughter who came back to the house as a new widow, thinks differently. She believes that widows, like other human beings, must have the right to decide where and how to live. When a young Englishman who is doing research on ancient sects comes to visit, he stirs longings in Giribala. But there is opposition. And so she says if she cannot decide where to live, she will decide where to die and how.

Adajya won the 'Aravindan Puraskaram' for best debut feature film.

Direction & Screenplay: Santwana Bardoloi
Cast: Tom Alter, Bishnu Kharghoria, Trisha Saikia, Triveni Bora, Bhagirothi, Chetana Das, Indira Das, Mintu Barua, Nilu Chakravarty
Cinematography: Mrinalkanti Das
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Music: Sher Choudhury

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