Rajan Khosa

Rajan Khosa studied film direction at FTII, Pune and Royal college of Arts in London. His directorial debut Dance of the Wind, a co-production between six countries including NFDC India, was released across UK and Europe across fifteen territories. Rajan also trained at the National Institute of Design and has continued his affair with multimedia. His recent projects are Escapade played to 5000 strong public at RFH in London and Khalsa Heritage Complex Museum in India.


Dance of the Wind - English

The successful career of a young Indian classical singer is brought to an abrupt end as a result of her mother's death. Because of this, Pallavi who also studied under the tutelage of her mother, finds that she loses her voice and with it, her career and students. But help arrives in the form of a young street urchin whose angelic voice haunts Pallavi and leads her on a journey of discovery. A celebration of classical traditions set in contemporary New Delhi, Rajan Khosa's prize winning film captures the beauty of ancient Indian music and the culture from which it emanates.

Direction & Screenplay: Rajan Khosa
Cast: Kitu Gidwani, Kapila Vatsyayan, B S Sanyal, Bhaveen Gosain
Cinematography: Piyush Shah
Music: Shubha Mudgal

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