Pankaj Butalia

Born in 1950, he taught economics at Delhi University for twenty years. He has been associated very actively with the film society movement for over two decades and was Secretary of the Federation of Film Societies of India for eight years. He organised the documentary section of the International Film Festival of India in 1986, 1987 and 1988. He has made two documentaries -When Hamlet came to Mizoram (1990) and Moksha (1993). Karvaan is his first feature film.


Karvaan - 1999 - Hindi
(Shadows in the Dark)

Lajma is a middle-aged woman today. For her the sense of loss associated with the past inhibits her life in the present. She lives in Pakistan now, but grew up in India in the 'fifties and the 'sixties. She makes a journey to the place of her youth.

She sees herself as a young woman defiant of authority but always having to submit to it. She recalls her aborted relationship with the childhood friend her inability to understand what her lover was going through, as well as her lover's inability to acknowledge a latent bisexuality in his personality. But the most difficult memory to deal with is that of her mother, brutalised during the riots of the partition or after and not pardoned by society for a sin that committed on her.

Direction: Pankaj Butalia
Screenplay: Pankaj Butalia, Nilofer Kaul
Cast: Kitu Gidwani, Naseeruddin Shah, Subrato Dutta, Srivardhan Trivedi, Ikhlaque Khan
Cinematography: Ranjan Palit
Editing: Sameera Jain
Music: Susmit Sen

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