Nachiket Patwardhan & Jayoo Patwardhan

Husband and wife team of directors, architects and art directors, Nachiket and Jayoo Patwardhan graduated together from M S University, Baroda, in architecture. They started with cinema as art direction and costume design for "Ghashiram Kotwal". They have also worked with Saeed Mirza and Girish Karnad as art directors. 22 June 1897 is their first feature film as directors.

Notable Films:

22 June 1897 - 1979 - Marathi

The film retells the famous Pune legend of the Chaphekar brothers, the militant Hindu chauvinist followers of Bal Gangadhar Tilak whose violent anti-British activities led to their martyrdom. Mr Rand imposed martial law in Pune because of an outbreak of the plague in January 1897, and the eldest brother, Damodar kills Rand on 22 June. In retaliation, Inspector Brewin starts a massive manhunt using former colleagues of the three brothers as informers. Damodar is hanged, despite Tilak's personal appeal to the British. When the youngest brother, Vasudev, kills the informer who helped Brewin, he and the remaining brother Balkrishna, are also sentenced to hang.

Direction & Co-Screenplay: Nachiket Patwardhan and Jayoo Patwardhan
Co-Screenplay: Shankar Nag
Cast: Prabhakar Patankar, Ravindra Mankani, Udayan Dixit, Rod Gilbert, John Irving
Cinematography: Navroze Contractor
Music: Anand Modak

Limited Manuski - 1995 - Marathi
(Limited Humanity)

Comedy set in the Maharashtra lower middle classes. Bank clerk Sadanand accidentally runs his motorised bicycle into a funeral procession for an infant child. Two members of the procession, Shrirang and Govind, believe that in this accident Sadanand has 'wounded the soul' of the dead baby. For most of the film, the two try to beat up Sadanand, while Sadanand, with the help of his pregnant wife Urmila, fends off this threat.

Direction & Screenplay: Nachiket Patwardhan & Jayoo Patwardhan
Cast: Rajit Kapoor, Gopika Sahani, Ganesh Yadav, Sudhir Joshi, Nilu Phule, Lalita Pawar
Cinematography: Navroze Contractor
Music: Milind Chitnavis

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