Malay Bhattacharya

Malay Bhattacharya was born in Calcutta. Following his graduation, at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Calcutta, he obtained a Diploma in Applied Art from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta, in 1970. He then moved to Germany and worked as a Graphic Designer from 1970 to 1977. He returned to Calcutta in 1977. Since then he has been writing screenplays, producing and directing teleplays. Kahini is his first feature film.

Kahini won the 'Aravindan Puraskaram' for the best debut feature film.


Kahini - 1995 - Bengali

One day, while rummaging through a heap of old, personal belongings Rajat decides to kidnap a child. But before he can come up with a proper plan of action, a mysterious stranger drop in to leave with Rajat a few old documents, court papers and a half-burnt picture of his childhood. The puzzling photograph inspires Rajat to carry on with his secret mission. In this he is joined by a taxi driver and a sign painter. They get into a strange car. Their mysterious journey gradually leads them into a whirlpool of astonishing events with harrowing characters. Unexpectedly, the kidnappers encounter an amazing killer, a loquacious petrol pump boy who had a difficult childhood and a desperately lonely woman who runs a roadside tea-shop.

Their journey continues through a strange forest. Ultimately it ends at a dilapidated house. Here the trio meets Tarak Das - the stubborn caretaker of the house who strongly believes in a cure for the hopeless condition of his spastic child. Meanwhile, the distressing condition of the kidnapped child worsens. With apprehension and anxiety, confusion mounts. Leaving the group, Rajat goes to visit a nearby market. There the continuous cycle of varied human activities moves him. He decides to return. Sadly, on their way back the child dies.

Direction & Co-Screenplay: Malay Battacharya
Co-Screenplay: Shymal Sengupta
Cast: Dhritiman Chatterjee, Debesh Roy Choudhury, Dabashish Goswami, Robi Ghosh
Cinematography: Sunny Joseph
Music: Debajyoti Mishra

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