K N T Sastry

K N T Sastry was well known as a film critic, columnist and a documentary filmmaker before he made his debut feature film Tiladaanam. He has won National awards for best critic and best book on cinema. He also scripted award winning Telegu films Daasi and Maa ooru.

Tiladaanam won K N T Sastry the Indira Gandhi award for the best debut film. The film was screened at several national and international festivals.


Tiladaanam - 2001 - Telugu
(The Ritual)

Subramanya Sastry is a much-respected Vedic scholar and priest in his native village. But unable to make out a living there, he moves to the city along with his daughter-in-law Padma. His son Raghuram becomes a naxalite. In the city, he becomes 'tiladaanam' Subbaiah, as he accepts the 'daanam' given to ward off the evil effects of Saturn and as a corpse carrier. Old and haggard, he is a dumb spectator of the fall in values in his profession and modernization of the society, which has made the smaller minions of his group to forego human kindness.

On the other side, his young and energetic son Raghuram, who dreams of becoming part of a new order, is, in the process, hounded by the police. On the night the child is born to him, Raghuram clandestinely comes to his house, only to be challenged by the police. In the milieu, Raghuram escapes, killing a cop. He now carries a reward of Rs. One lakh. On his return, he finds his family in penury. By then, he becomes disillusioned with the movement and surrenders to the police through a trusted friend, so that the friend can collect the reward and give it to his family.

Direction & Screenplay: K T N Sastry
Cast: H G Dattatreya, Jaya Sheel, Brahmaji, Tanikella Bharani, AVS, Prasad Babu
Cinematography: Sunny Joseph
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Music: L Vaidyanathan

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