Kavita Lankesh

Kavita Lankesh's first feature film, Deveeri was based on a screenplay written by her father, the famous journalist P Lankesh. Deveeri won her several International and National awards. While her first film narrated the story of a sex worker and her younger brother, her second film Alemaari dealt with the scarcity of drinking water in rural India. Her later films including her latest, Prema Preethi Pranaya were made in the commercial format with popular themes.

Deveeri- 1999 - Kannada

Kyatha, a 12-year-old boy, lives in a slum with his elder sister Deveeri, a sex worker. Deveeri tries to protect Kyatha from her corrupt and shallow world. But the boy soon confronts his sister about her work and she realizes that things have changed forever between them. Deveeri does not want her work to stand between Kyatha's desire to pursue a better life, and hence leaves him. Even though Kyatha faces the odds of an orphaned life, he scrupulously avoids being sucked into the vortex of moral and ethical corruption that he sees around him. Lonely and confused, he ends up in an orphanage. Desperate for the companionship of his sister and nostalgic about their days at the slum, he adjusts to a new life at the orphanage, hoping that he would one day find his sister.

Direction: Kavita Lankesh
Screenplay: P Lankesh
Cast: Manja, Nandita Das, Bhavana, Kashi
Cinematography: S Ramachandra
Music: Isaac Thomas Kottakapally

Alemaari - 2001 - Kannada

Kavita's second feature is docu-drama inspired by the scarcity of drinking water in rural India. Pallavi leaves her new-found love and career in Bangalore and returns to her birthplace, an isolated village, to conduct a survey on drinking water. She also has questions about her parents' past; but caste, customs and local politics become barriers in her quest.

Direction & Screenplay: Kavita Lankesh
Cast: Bhavana, Prakash Rai, Anu Prabhakar
Cinematography: S Ramachandra
Editing: M N Swamy
Music: Isaac Thomas Kottakapally

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