Gautam Ghose

Gautam, born in Calcutta in 1950, graduated from the University of Calcutta and then became involved in the theatre as entertainer and director. He is a professional photojournalist and directed his first short film, New Earth, in 1973. His first feature film Maabhomi depicted the Telungana uprising of 1941, which had a semi-documentary format. Later, he moved onto more conventional forms.

Notable films:

Maabhoomi - 1979 - Telegu
(The Motherland)

Set during the peasant uprisings in the Telungana region of Andhra Pradesh during the period from 1945 and 1951, this semi-documentary film is based on Krishna Chandar's novel. A young peasant, Ramaiah rebels against the corrupt rule of the Nizam. He befriends a Marxist activist and participates in the Independence struggle. When the peasants take over the village after Independence, their anger boils over and they perpetrate a massacre. In 1948, the Indian army marched into Hyderabad and suppressed the rising. Many of the ousted landlords returned to power by becoming Congress officials, so that the peasants had to face the same struggle all over again.

Direction & Screenplay: Gautam Ghose
Cast: Kakarala, Saichand, Rami Reddy, Bhopal Reddy
Cinematography: Kamal Naik
Music: Vihjanuri, Nagabhushanam

Paar - 1984 - Hindi
(The Crossing)

A landlord's men wreck a village and kill the benevolent schoolmaster who was its progressive force. Naurangia, a labourer breaks a tradition of passive resistance and retaliates by killing the landlord's brother. Naurangia and his wife Rama, become fugitives. After many efforts to find sustenance elsewhere, the two decide to return home. To earn the fare, they agree to drive a herd of pigs through a river, causing the pregnant Rama to believe that she has lost her baby. The film ends with Naurangia putting his ear to Rama's belly and listens to the heartbeats of the unborn child.

Direction & Screenplay: Gautam Ghose
Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Utpal Dutt, Om Puri
Cinematography: Gautam Ghose
Music: Gautam Ghose

Padma Nadir Majhi - 1992 - Bengali
(Boatman of the River Padma)

The film is set in the banks of the river Padma. The protagonist Kuber is a boatman of a village. The film develops with the tension-ridden encounters between him and the wealthy Muslim trader Hussein, who wants to transform an island in the Padma delta into a haven free from communal strife.

Direction & Screenplay: Gautam Ghose
Cast: Asad, Champa, Roopa Ganguly, Utpal Dutt Robi Gosh
Cinematography: Gautam Ghose
Music: Gautam Ghose


  • Maabhoomi (1979)
  • Dakhal (1981)
  • Paar (1984)
  • Antaranjali Jatra (1987)
  • Padma Nadir Majhi (1992)
  • Patang (1993)
  • Gudia (1997)

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