Fareeda Mehta

Graduated at the FTII, Pune as a film director, Fareeda Mehta made her first short film "Hawa Ka Rang" in 1990, which was awarded the first prize at the Turin Film Festival. She worked on several films directed by Kumar Shahani and directed several documentary videos. Kali Salwar is her first feature film.


Kali Salwar - 2001 - Hindi
(The Black Salwar)

Based on a novel by Saadat Hassan Manto, the film is set in the city of Mumbai, the bustling city full of contrasts where people struggle to make a living but partake in celebrations between the grime of the streets and religious devotion.

A Muslim couple, Sultana a prostitute and Khudabaksh a photographer arrives in the city. While Sultana makes friends with the prostitutes in her neighbourhood, Khudabaksh whose past is full of small fraudulent deals, makes plans to make some money. Meanwhile Sultana meets Shankar who manages to obtain a "salwar" for her, a ritual costume in black satin that she is unable to pay for.

Direction & Screenplay: Fareeda Mehta
Cast: Sadiya Siddiqui, Irfan Khan, Jeetu Shastri, Surekha Sikri
Cinematography: Abijith Mukul Kishore
Music: Ved Nair

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