The influence of European cinema brought about great changes to serious Indian filmmaker’s perspectives during the 1950s. This, in many ways, motivated Indian cinema in seeking its own identity. Europe remained a major source of inspiration for Indian cinema for decades.

Today, the past glory of European cinema is fading out and the ‘new generation’ of Indian filmmakers are in search of inspiration all around. Tragically, what they seem to have found as their model is the shallow waters of 'American Independent Cinema'. While many of these 'Indie' filmmakers themselves consider their cinema as a stepping stone to the big world of Hollywood, the boundaries between the new age alternate Indian cinema and the glamorous business of Bollywood are increasingly blurring.

It is indeed surprising that the new generation of alternate Indian filmmakers turns towards America for inspiration while cinema is taking its revolutionary steps in our neighbourhood, Iran. Each new film coming out of Iran surprises us with its freshness and simplicity in ideas and forms they use. As we did in the first issue of 'Chaosmag', we continue with our focus on Iranian cinema, one of the major reasons for us to believe that the art of cinema is still alive.

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