Writings on cinema, in India, is trapped between two extremes. At one end the glamorous and glossy world of gossip writing. On the other end writings on serious cinema that are pretentiously intellectual, where the language has become an end by itself. The net effect being alienation of meaningful cinema from its audience.

Chaosmag is an attempt to create a provocative space to discuss meaningful cinema, in an accessible language, taking an Indian viewer’s perspective, i.e., the world of cinema seen through an Indian angle.

Chaosmag breaks away from the beaten path of lingual gymnastics, theories and dogmas. We stand for unbiased, fresh, free and diverse perspectives on meaningful cinema that could lead to a ‘creative chaos’.

Uncompromising about the quality, we promise, this space will not be wasted for mere glorifications and idol worships. Nor will this become a ‘scratching-each-other’s-back-cooperative-society’. We also assure you that Chaosmag will pull its shutters down, the day we feel its being there, has no relevance.

Film enthusiast’s and filmmaker’s participation will make this magazine more meaningful. Contributions are welcome from all, however opposite or contradictory they are. The materials would be selected based on quality of content.

Feedbacks of substance to each article will be published along with the respective articles.

Editors: V G Baburaj, Rajmohan, B Haridas

We sincerely thank Murali Nair for his support. We also acknowledge the help and support of our friends Mrs.P J Usha, Manu Vilsan, Vivek Ratnam, Praveen Rao, Rajesh and Rupesh Nanaiah in making this first issue.

Email: chaosmagATgmailDOTcom

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