Dev Benegal

Dev Benegal was born in 1969 in Delhi. He studied film at the New York University. Since 1985, he has worked mainly as a documentary film-maker. In 1994, he made his first feature English August. Considered a landmark in contemporary Indian cinema, English August is a humorous and irreverent study of bureaucracy in India and the Indian Generation X. Split Wide Open is his second feature film.

English August - 1994 - English

Based on the cult novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee, English August is the humorous and irreverent story of a watershed year in the life of a young and reluctant civil servant dispatched to Madna- the hottest small town in the country.

The debut film of director Dev Benegal, English August became the first Indian independent film to score a major success at the Indian box office.

Direction & Screenplay: Dev Benagal
Cast : Rahul Bose, Salim Shah, Tanvi Azmi, Sanjay Ray Choudhary, Gopi, Yogendra Tikku, Virenda Saxena
Cinematography : Anoop Jotwaani
Music : Vikram Joglekar

Split Wide Open - 2001 - English

The main character, Kut Price a.k.a. KP, sells tank water to the poor and Evian to the rich. Didi, his 10-year old adopted sister, sells flowers on the streets waiting for a miracle to save her. Leela, a student, discovers the unspeakable secrets of her wealthy father. And Nandita, an expatriate recently arrived from London hosts a hugely popular reality-TV show on which people confess their secretive sex lives.

Direction: Dev Benegal
Screenplay : Farrukh Dhondy
Cast: Rahul Bose, Ayesha Dharkar, Laila Rouass, Shivaji Satham
Cinematography: Sukumar Jatania
Editing: Renu Saluja
Music: Nitin Sawhney

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