Aribham Syam Sharma

Aribham Syam Sharma was born in Imphal and graduated in philosophy and music from Shantiniketan. He became a lecturer in philosophy and joined the Aryan Theatre in Imphal during the late 1960s. He is also well known as a singer with classical training. His films usually feature mystical versions of traditional cultures contrasted with economic modernity. Manipur's marginalised and colonised relations with the Indian mainstream, leading to insurrectionist movements too is often referred in his films.

Selected Filmography:

Ishanou - 1991 - Manipuri
(The Chosen One)

Based on a story by Manipuri writer M K Binodini Devi, Ishanou is a family melodrama combining upward mobility with the strange ritualism of the matriarchal Meitei cult.

A small and happy family lives in Ishanou, in the Manipur ValIey, under the care and the protection of an old woman when suddenly tbe young wife, Tampha, becomes possessed by the divinity Maibi and leaves her home to be initiated by the guru of the Maibi sect. But bebind the colourful rituals of the Manipuri Lai-Haraoba, into which Tampba almost loses herself, she slowly discovers her longing for her little girl and her previous family life.

Direction & Screenplay: Aribam Syam Sharma
Cast: Kiranmala, Tomba, Monbi
Cinematography: Girish Padhiar
Editing: Ujial Nandi
Music: Aribam Syam Sharma


  • Lamja Parashuram (1974)
  • Saphahee (1976)
  • Olangthagee Wangmadasoo (1979)
  • Imagi Ningthem (1981)
  • Paokhum Ama (1982)
  • Sagol Sanahi(1983)
  • Ishanou (1991)

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