Anup Kurian

Anup Kurian is a diploma holder from FTII, Pune in film production. He worked three years in United States making money for producing Manasarovar. Anup has made advertisement commercials and documentaries and this is his first feature project.


Manasarovar - 2003 - English

Manasarovar is a love story that ends before it begins.

Ravi Roy meets Malathy Chandran in a city on a short visit and falls in love with her. Unable to respond to his mischievous advances she rejects him. A few years later Ravi's brother, George happens to meet Malathy. She learns from him that Ravi had disappeared and her past comes back through the letters they wrote to each other. She realizes that her predicament was one of no choices. With an aching mind she leaves for Manasarovar where all conflicts, regrets and pain end. Manasarovar is about coincidences that hurt people.

Direction & Screenplay: Anup Kurian
Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Neha Dubey, Zafar Karachiwala
Cinematography: Viswamangal Kitsu
Editing: Unni Vijayan
Music: David Prahl, Craig Leininger, Lisa Stanislawski

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