A K Bir

After receiving his diploma in cinematography from FTII, Pune, Bir has been working as a cinematographer for advertisement shorts, documentaries and feature films made by many reputed directors like Bhimsain, Basu Chatterji, Girish Karnad and Narsingh Rao, and has won several awards for his work. He has also worked as a cinematographer for teleplays and serials and directed an episode, Thakur ki Kuan, in the serial Ek Kahani. Adi Mimansa is his first directorial venture in the area of feature films.


Adi Mimansa - 1991 - Oriya
(A Rare Solution)

Aarakhit and Kshetrapal live next door to each other. The wall that divide their homes was built across a single courtyard by the warring sons of the previous owner. As a result, the well stands in Kshetrapal's side of the house and the drain is common to both households. Aarakhit is a Hindi-speaking Brahmin who has settled down in Orissa and Kshetrapal is a non-brahmin who belongs to Orissa. Despite the differences in their backgrounds, the two men are close friends and their wives and children too feel as if they belong to one large happy family.

It is a picture of ideal neighbourliness till an old malicious widow sets out to divide them. The old warmth and compassion the two families shared is forgotten and soon they find it impossible to live as neighbours. On the day Aarakhit leaves, Kshetrapal sadly watches their preparations for departure. When one of the children begs him to call them back, Kshetrapal realises human relationships are more valuable than petty pride.

Direction & Screenplay: A K Bir
Cast: Lalatendu Rath, Mohan Gokhale, Neena Gupta, Bijainee Misra, Gloria Mahanty
Cinematography: A K Bir
Editing: Dilip Panda
Music: Bhavdeep Jaipurwale

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